Eugene Ems beat Spokane Indians 3-2: 'The cards fell the right way'

Eugene Ems beat Spokane Indians 3-2: 'The cards fell the right way'
Spokane Indians shortstop Gabe Roa (#8, grey jersey) prepares to make the throw to first for a double play as Ems shortstop Anthony Torres (#8, sliding) is out at second. Dan Morrison, Oregon News Lab

August 10, 2013 - PK Park, Eugene, OR -- Trae Santos swung the bat exactly one time in the Saturday evening game between the Eugene Emeralds and the Spokane Indians. But once was enough. 

After Ems right fielder Hunter Renfroe, who played 25 games for the Ems and racked up a batting average of .308 with four homers and 18 RBIs, was called up to the Padres Class A affiliate team in Fort Wayne Friday night, first baseman Santos was left as the power hitter in Eugene. But he sat on the bench until the bottom of the ninth.

Ems center fielder Ronnie Richardson scored in the first inning, opening an early 1-0 lead. 

But Spokane Indians outfielder Jordan Akins knocked an out-of-the-park home in the second inning and Indians catcher Marcus Greene also scored, which put the Indians up 2-1.

Ems outfielder Henry Charles scored in the bottom of the second to even up the score 2-2. The game was deadlocked and stayed that way until the bottom of the ninth.

And then Santos emerged from the Ems dugout, after having sat out the whole game. 

On the first pitch, with Ems Chase Jensen on second and Henry Charles on first, Santos slammed the ball out to far right field. When Jensen crossed home plate the game was over. 

The win puts the Ems at 22-32 overall with a 9-7 record in the second half of the season. 

After the game, Santos said, “Yeah, I was told to be ready to come in to help the team win either defensively or offensively.”

Manager Jim Gabella said of Santos’s game-winning hit, “Yeah, it’s worked that way. We pinched it for Marcus earlier, and the cards fell the right way. We put Trae up there in a clutch situation, and he’s had some big hits for us this year. It was a good night for us offensively.”

The Ems play Spokane for the fourth game of the five-game series at PK Park Sunday evening at 5:05 pm.