Top 20 Quackdown: Fight songs

EUGENE, Ore. - Love your Ducks? Return of the Quack? Oregon Power Ballad?

How about: What a Natty Feels Like?

That one's made up, but Duck football has inspired musical creations that give fans options beyond the traditional Oregon fight song to show their game day spirit.

QUICK LINKS: Return of the Quack | I Smell Roses | Ducks of Oregon power ballad

"Return of the Quack" by Supwitchugirl

O-Time by Xile

"Put Your Os Up" by Xile and Chris Ray

Live: "I Love My Ducks" by Supwithchugirl

Oregon Power Ballad by Sebastian Bach from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Duck Anthem by drama/soulreal/defdavyne

O-Official by LeLe featuring J. Philly

"Take It All" by C3 and Anthony Danzl

The Ten (Oregon) Duck Commandments by DJ Premier and NOBiDIA