You can report illegal fireworks via email in Eugene

You can report illegal fireworks via email in Eugene »Play Video
Legal or not? If you can buy it at a stand in Oregon, it's probably legal. If your cousin brought it from Idaho and had to sign an affidavit agreeing not to set it off before he got to Oregon, think twice.

EUGENE, Ore. - Starting next week, Oregonians will be able to purchase fireworks.

However, law enforcement across Lane County is taking proactive steps to inform residents about the laws - and dangers - surrounding fireworks.

According to the Oregon Office of State Fire Marshall, fireworks are responsible for almost 200 blazes each year. 

They not only do damage to property, but also injure residents.

Fire crews will be actively patrolling Springfield and Eugene over the Fourth of July holiday.

Police will also ramp up their presence, enforcing rules about illegal fireworks.

Eugene has even set up an email address where residents can anonymously report complaints.

Eugene Police said you can report illegal fireworks use in progress to (541) 682-5111.

You can report a tip of possession or use of illegal fireworks at (541) 682-8888.

“Basically an illegal firework is anything that moves six feet on the ground or projects 12 inches or more into the air,” said Springfield Police Sergeant Pete Kirkpatrick.

Possessing illegal fireworks is a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine up to $2,500. 

And residents can be held responsible financially for any damage caused by these explosives.