Woman sets out to house homeless veterans

Woman sets out to house homeless veterans »Play Video
One of the Housing Our Veterans facilities

EUGENE, Ore. — One  local woman is on a mission: to house homeless veterans across the region.

Lorie Perks started Housing Our Veterans in 2005. 

The non-profit’s goal is to secure housing for vets struggling with PTSD or drug and alcohol abuse.
Today, she manages five residences in Eugene, housing 27 men. 

She would like to open one more home, dedicated to women who have served; but a lack of funding threatens that dream.
While Perkins has received encouragement from several agencies, none have offered financial assistance.

The woman has spent her own life savings - hundreds of thousands of dollars - to continue building her vision.

If you would like to support Housing Our Veterans, contact Lorie Perkins at
housingourveterans@comcast.com or (541) 606-9220