Wire thieves steal phone lines before grabbing breakfast

Wire thieves steal phone lines before grabbing breakfast

DEXTER, Ore. - Two men climbed up a utility pole on Highway 58 early Sunday morning and stole copper phone lines, causing businesses and homes to lose telephone service.

Dressed in orange and driving a truck, the men stopped by the gas station after removing the wire as if nothing unusual had happened.

"Cut if off, about 200-foot stretch, and then afterwards came in and bought breakfast," said Stephanie Duckett, who works at the nearby Chevron.

Duckett wasn't there at the time, but the owner of the station told her the men looked suspicious. Staff wrote down the license plate of the truck and called the sheriff.

Witnesses said the two men who cut down the wires were wearing orange safety vests and looked official.

CenturyLink said thieves have stolen phone lines 4 times in the last week, in the Blue River, Jasper, Lowell and Bailey Hill areas.

CenturyLink said it's not uncommon for people to impersonate utility workers. But there are ways to tell if someone's a real repair worker or not.

"Real workers like myself will have an orange vest on with striping and a hard hat when out there working," said Hank Gaut with CenturyLink. "You're usually not going to see folks out there at 2, 3, 4 o'clock in the morning. We work in the day."

Gaut said CenturyLink workers wear a badge and will display it to you upon request.