Winter storm: '10 to 16 inches of new snow possible this weekend'

Winter storm: '10 to 16 inches of new snow possible this weekend'

EUGENE, Ore. - Wind and high seas to the west of us, snow and high winds to the east of us: Just in time to set the clocks back an hour Sunday at 2 a.m., a winter storm will deliver a whallop this weekend.

"A cold front will move across the area this weekend bringing snow to the Cascades and gusty winds and high seas at the coast," the National Weather Serivce said. "At the coast, this will bring some windy conditions on Saturday, with initially south winds turning west and gusting to 45-55 mph, as well as seas from 18 to 22 feet. This will occur near high tide, and some minor coastal flooding is possible for localized low coastal areas.

"Beachgoers should exercise caution and remain alert," forecasters added. "This would not be a time to be in or near the surf zone or exploring the rocks and jetties. Sudden waves could knock a person off balance and into the cold waters of the Pacific."

As for skiers and snowboarders who have been praying for snow, voila.

"This front will also bring snowfall and wind to the Cascades, with 10 to 16 inches of new snow possible this weekend," forecasters said. "At the passes, 3-6 inches of snow could accumulate on Saturday. Winds may gust to 40-45 mph over ridges and passes, creating areas of blowing and drifting snow."