Wanted sex offender captured

Wanted sex offender captured
Jeramy Adam Ball

Amanda Zitzman from KMTR NewsSource 16 is looking into how a sex offender disappeared from supervision in Eugene and may have turned up in Florence for a story set to air Tuesday, October 15.

FLORENCE, Ore. - A predatory sex offender who failed to check in with his parole officer may have been seen on the Oregon Coast over the weekend.

KMTR NewsSource 16 is investigating possible sightings of 36-year-old Jeramy Adam Ball in Florence on Saturday at a hotel and Monday at a thrift shop.

Ball was captured Tuesday after a public appeal for help locating him.

A clerk at a hotel in Florence said Ball tried to check in under his real name but both of his credit cards were declined. He left and never returned.

Another person in Florence reported seeing him Monday afternoon at a thrift shop there.

Lane County Parole & Probation asked for the public's help Monday locating Ball, who parole officers described as a predatory sex offender who failed to check in with his parole officer.

Ball has attacked people both known and unknown to him in the past.

Parole & Probation said they have no reason to believe he has reoffended at this time. The community’s assistance is being sought due to Ball’s history as a dangerous offender, the department said.

His most recent offense was the rape of a 46-year-old woman. He has a history of sex crimes dating back to age 9, parole and probation said.