Want to vote in November? Deadline 11:59 p.m. October 15

Want to vote in November? Deadline 11:59 p.m. October 15
Oregon allows voters to register to vote and update voter registration online

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Want to vote on the $62.5 million school bond measure in Springfield?

Or the $32.4 million bond for Junction City School District?

You have until 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, October 15, to register to vote for the November 5, 2013, special election.

Ballots hit the mail Friday.

There's a third money measure on the ballot:

Residents in the River Road Park and Recreation District are being asked to renew an existing 5-year bond at 47 cents per $1,000 of assessed taxable value.

Springfield School District proposes replacing Hamlin Middle School and other improvements.

Junction City School District proposes to replace Laurel Elementary. That may require acquiring land, according to the bond.

River Road Park and Rec bond

People who own a typical property in the district pay a little under $6 per month for the Park District's services.

Other North Eugene residents can use the services.

"Out-of-district residents pay a higher fee for most activities to compensate for not paying park district taxes," the park district says on its website.

The bond will raise an estimated $250,000 per year over 5 years to provide park district services in the areas of North Eugene that are not incorporated into the City of Eugene.

Bond language as filed

Springfield School Bond November 5, 2013

Junction City School Bond November 5, 2013

River Road Park and Rec District

Register to vote online on the OregonVotes website