Thurston wins back-to-back cheerleading titles

Thurston wins back-to-back cheerleading titles

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - The Thurston High School Colt cheerleaders are now back-to-back state title holders.

The team only returned 5 members out of 20 from last year's championship squad.

"You have to trust your coaches that they taught you well," said junior Abby Hyland. "You're going to go out there and you're just going to give it all you have."

"I feel like when you walk out there and you are waiting to go out there, it's so nerve-racking and everything is just mental," said senior Jessica Linster.

Not even the snow could slow them down.

"We actually lost some days with the snow days," said coach James Underwood. "We actually missed two competitions, so even on a limited amount of time this group really pulled it together."

The team was scored on stunts, tumbling and dance choreagrahpy.

The average of the scores were good enough to beat out 12 other teams from across the state.

"These teams are as good as you, and they could beat you," Hyland said. "It's pretty scary."

The team members said hard work, determination teamwork got them to the top.