Teens sell the fruits of their summer labor at Youth Farm

Teens sell the fruits of their summer labor at Youth Farm

EUGENE, Ore. -- A group of teens spent their summer vacation working hard on the farm this summer, learning skills that will last a lifetime.

The 12 teenagers working in the gardens brought over 35 different varieties of fruits and vegetables to the table for the Youth Farm Festival, a culmination of their work all season.

The gardens are sponsored by the non-profit Food For Lane County and give kids a chance to give back to their community.

Participants also learn how to grow crops and understand the nutritional benefits of each food.

Organizer Jen Anonia said that many of the up-and-coming farmers find their time at the farm is more fun than actual work

"They're really passionate about the work they are doing out here … just the fact that a lot of them have used food for lane county services in the past. This is a way for them to give back in a really fundamental way,” said Anonia.

Saturday’s Farm Fest gave the teens a chance to not just sell their produce, but also showcase the entire garden.

The group also opens a farm stand at Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbend on Thursdays from 2 to 6 pm.