Support trickles in for SLEEPS: 'We don't ask for it, but people do'

Support trickles in for SLEEPS: 'We don't ask for it, but people do' »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. -- While protesters involved in SLEEPS move to different locations around Eugene, members said support for their movement has been growing.

Lori Mahaney said there has been a gradual increase in local residents and businesses stepping in at their locations to show support.

"We're very self-sufficient, we're very self-supportive… a lot of the community is coming in, they’re donating food. We don't ask for it, but people do,” said Mahaney.

Mahaney has a job in the fast food industry, and said her employers are understanding of her situation. She said there is a large underground movement of SLEEPS supporters.

She said that type of community support doesn't fall short. Local businesses like Buck Sanitation Services have donated portable restrooms. They get water from the immigration building. Food donations trickle in from various businesses and residents.

“Seven-Eleven up there, they've let us use their outlets to charge our phones,” said Mahaney.

“Community support is the most awesome thing that we can have,” said James Beason. “Those people tell other people... and they'll tell other people, to tell other people ... because they got to meet us, got to find out who we are."

Mahaney and Beason said the campers cover the rest of the costs themselves, by buying tents, bikes, backpacks, and other necessities.

“They're pretty spendy, but… you know, it's cheaper than paying first and last months rent and deposit,” Mahaney said.

Eugene Police said they would continue to cite individuals who are illegally camping when ordered to do so.