Social media can both spread and stop cyberbullying

Social media can both spread and stop cyberbullying

EUGENE, Ore. - Just as cyberbullying got a foothold on social media, the medium has become an avenue for stopping bullies.

The Boys and Girls Club has teamed up with Cartoon Network for an anti-bullying campaign.
Holly Kriz-Anderson with the Eugene YMCA said social media can be powerful means to spread anti-bullying messages. She thinks the online campaigns to stop cyberbullying have helped drive down the incidence.

The Associated Press reports 49 percent of young people polled said they had been cyberbullied in the past year, down from 56 percent in 2011.

Kriz-Anderson said it's important for the victims of cyberbullying to speak up. By communicating with others about the bullying, the targets essentially take the bully's powers away.

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