'Bag ban' reaches smaller Corvallis shops

'Bag ban' reaches smaller Corvallis shops

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- The second wave of the plastic bag ban will now require stores in Corvallis with 50 employees or less to stop giving away plastic bags.

Since residents in Corvallis are already used to bringing their reusable bags in grocery and department stores, some of them say the routine to bring them into smaller stores should be easy. "I think because they started it out with grocery stores, that as it comes down to the smaller retailers, people already have the bags, and they have already built up their habit," said shopper Charles Dallmann.

Some shoppers in Corvallis say the one thing that's been difficult about reusable bags so far: forgetting them. "At first I would forget and I would have to pay a nickel for the bags, but now I just keep a supply of bags in my car," said Tiara Staeheli.

Some small stores won't be affected by Monday's ban because they already give away reusable bags.

The Clothes Tree Boutique is one of those stores. A sales associate there says she sees more shoppers straying away from plastic anyway. "Even though we are still able to give out bags, a lot of people just want tissue for their purchases, and they've put it in their bags that they've brought," said Jackie Briggs. "So, I think Corvallis as a whole, Corvallis is getting a lot more conscientious of bringing your own bag."