Shots fired near former police substation

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Witnesses heard 10 to 15 shots fired in the vicinity of 6th and Monroe in Eugene's Whiteaker neighborhood.

EUGENE, Ore. - The search is on for a man who shot 15 rounds into the air with a handgun Monday night, police said.

Witnesses heard a man yelling at someone and then heard shots around 5:45 p.m. near the corner of 6th and Monroe, police said.

Police consider the suspect armed and dangerous.

The suspect is described as a man of unknown age or race.

Witnesses told police he was wearing a dark jacket, possibly blue or black with angled stripes.

People in the neighborhood noted that the shots were fired not far from the former Eugene Police substation.

Candy Sledge, who works at Grays Seed & Garden, and Joe Jenks, a resident who lives nearby, both said  they've seen more criminal activity in the area since the Eugene Police substation at 6th and Monroe closed.

Police said the location is traditionally a high-crime area.

The substation closed in 2011. It had been at the Monroe Street location since 2005; Eugene Police had a substation in the neighborhood since the 1980s.

At the time, police said they planned to close the substation to free up crime prevention specialists to work directly in the neighborhoods instead of requiring them to staff an office.