Senior Center in Veneta seeks more volunteers

Senior Center in Veneta seeks more volunteers »Play Video
The Fern Ridge Service Center

VENETA, Ore. - The Fern Ridge Service Center caters to the senior community.

They provide meals throughout the week, and anyone 60 and older is welcome.

The operations manager said the service is important because they monitor what they seniors eat.

"If they're diabetic, they have a certain meal which they can get here," said Lois Riha. "If they have salt problems or need extra vegetables in their food, we can get that all arranged."

Providing the service requires volunteers, she said.

Fern Ridge partners with Senior Connections, which pair seniors with caregivers and assistance to get to and from appointments.
"They have a lot of interaction with people, which is really good for the senior community," Riha said. "I started out as a driver for the medical and dental appointments, and people tell us they wouldn't be able to get there if it weren't for us."

She said that whether you're able to give an hour of your time or a full day, it's a fun way to make a difference.

"Seniors always have wonderful stories to share, and so it's really fun to see the seniors come in," Riha said. "They sort of come in like it's an ordinary day, and then after they're all happy and it's interesting to see the change."

If you want to volunteer, call (541) 935-4555.