Neighbors say they are not disturbed by SLEEPS

Neighbors say they are not disturbed by SLEEPS »Play Video
Are people honking in support - or to annoy - SLEEPS protest campers?

EUGENE, Ore. - Joan Kleban owns a store near a SLEEPS protest camp.

She said they don't affect her business, and she supports the interaction.

"They're protesting something we are addressing as a city and a community, and I think they're entitled to that interaction with all of us," Kleban said.

Before protesters moved to this location, SLEEPS had pitched camp at the Lane County Fairgrounds.

The marketing director said the protesters had to leave because they violated county policy, not because they were a disturbance.

"We witnessed basically here and there they were stepping out and trying to talk to people and they had signs," said Rachel Biven. "They were very respectful of traffic flows but they were trying to get people to honk and participate to support of them."

Eugene Police said they haven't had any noise complaints related to the camps.