"Rake-and-Run" program leaves homeowners leaf-free

"Rake-and-Run" program leaves homeowners leaf-free »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. -- Willamette High School's leadership students spent their Friday raking leaves for those who may not be able to do it themselves.

The project, called "rake-and-run”, is annual leadership service day for Willamette High School.

Eugene-resident Tommy Morrow said the “rake-and-run” program stems from an old tradition.

Kids would rake peoples leaves up without them knowing kind of anonymously and would run and just get out and people's leaves would be raked,” said Morrow. “I just had knee surgery so they came and probably knocked it out in 15 minutes so its very helpful for people who aren't able to do it.”

Students from freshmen to seniors break up into two groups to rake three or four houses each. Willamette student Courtney Sutton said that within about 20 minutes the sidewalk and lawn become "leaf-free."

“It’s really fun to hang out with the people outside of the school environment... you get to actually see peoples personalities rather than just strictly school and yeah, I actually think its really fun,” said Sutton. 

The "rake-and-run" program has a sign up sheet for those elderly and disabled who anyone would like their leaves raked within a 10 mile radius of the high school. Those interested in getting on the list can contact Willamette High School at 541-689-0731 or by visiting their website.