Police: Suspects bail out of stolen van and run as rig keeps going

Police: Suspects bail out of stolen van and run as rig keeps going
Cary Nathan Pedigo

LEBANON, Ore. - Two men in a stolen van led police on a chase before jumping out of the rig and fleeing on foot while the van, still in drive, continued down the street without them.

Officers split up to capture the suspects who ran and keep an eye on the moving van.

The van crashed into some mailboxes and then veered off the road into a canal, police said. The engine continued to run, with the front wheels spinning in the water.

The suspects also jumped in the water but were eventually detained, police said. Police also said they found a handgun in the van that didn't belong to the vehicle's owner.

The incident started just after noon with a report of a stolen van. Detectives in an unmarked car spotted the van elsewhere in town and called for backup.

While waiting for marked police cars to arrive, the van drove off. The detectives followed, and when the driver realized he was being followed, he sped off.

After a chase, the driver and passenger bailed out of the van as it slowed down. They ran off on foot; the van continued until it crashed into the canal.

Police arrested the driver, Cary Nathan Pedigo, 24, of Lebanon on charges of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, attempt to elude, reckless driving and other charges. as well as two outstanding warrants.

The passenger, Daniel Lee Noonchester, was booked on a charge of unauthorized use of a motor vehilce, police said.