Party Patrol busts 40 on a Friday night: 'Obey the law'

Party Patrol busts 40 on a Friday night: 'Obey the law'
Photo from last weekend of September. Party Patrol found plenty to keep them busy the first Friday in October, too.

EUGENE, Ore. - A police captain said this week that officers over did it last weekend.

"Unfortunately we made contact with too many people," Captain Karl Durr said.

Too many - but only because police all too readily found people violating city and state law strolling down the sidewalks of neighborhoods near the University of Oregon.

More than 60 people got cited or arrested - yes, like sent to jail - last weekend.

Durr doesn't want that to happen.

"I'd like to see it that we're unsuccessful and we didn't have any problems," he said.

Oops, they did it again.

"Partiers continue to keep Party Patrol officers busy in the South and West University neighborhoods," a police press release read Saturday.

"Eugene Police Officers patrolled neighborhoods surrounding the UO campus, actively enforcing alcohol violations, as well as responding to citizen complaints of disorderly behavior and parties," Eugene Police said in the release.

Forty people got charged last night alone, police said.

Police only described the quanitites of citations and charges:

 *   9 Open Container  (8 UO students)
 *   16   Minor in Possession  (15 UO students)
 *   1 Minor – Misrepresenting Age (UO student)
 *   2 Allowing Minors to Consume Alcohol (1 UO student)
 *   2 Unruly Gathering    (1 UO student)
 *   2 Prohibited Noise (1 UO student / 13 individuals warned about noise, 11 UO students)
 *   1 Urinating in Public (UO student)
 *   1 Criminal Mischief 3 (UO student)

However, the names - and if jailed, mugshots - of the people cited on Friday are a public record. Police did not release this information. This news organization has not yet determined whether that level of specificity in reporting is important to this story or not: let us know what you think by posting a comment.

Regardless, it would be legal to both release and publish the names and mugshots of people busted by the Party Patrol.

Legal - unlike what police are finding frolicking on a Friday night.
"EPD would again like to use this opportunity to remind individuals to obey the law, and use good judgment when making decisions surrounding alcohol use, and partying," the release read.

For folks who don't live (or even go) near campus, police said the stepped up enforcement didn't compromise police coverage.

"The teams patrolled in the West and South University area, while regular calls for service were maintained throughout the city," the press release said. "The night’s activities were designed to prevent and respond proactively to potential alcohol and party-related problems that in the past have been associated with partying.  These activities historically increase during the fall."