Oregon gunman planned to kill 'bunch' of people

Oregon gunman planned to kill 'bunch' of people
Investigators leave the scene of a drive-by shooting Tuesday, Aug. 19, 2014 at Bastendorf Beach, Ore. - File photo

COOS BAY, Ore. -- The shooter responsble for a double murder at a Coos County beach earlier this week left two suicide notes in his car, the Coos County District Attorney said.

In the notes, Zachary Brimhall describes being mentally ill his entire life. He wrote that the shooting spree near Bastendorff Beach allowed him to feel completely free for the first time in his life, officials said.

Brimhall also admitted to killing his father, William Brimhall, three hours before driving to the beach.      

Authorities said Brimhall also claims to have written a 50-page document where he describes reasons that led him to this point. Zachary destroyed the computer and with it a possible explanation for his fatal actions.

"What was going on was held tightly by Zachary himself. In one of the notes refers to he says in been mentally I'll all of my life but he's never told that to anyone else as near as we can tell and never sought any help,” said Paul Frasier, the Coos County District Attorney. 

Zachary's mother described her son as a loner, with little to no friends, no known criminal history and no drug or alcohol problems.

"She had seen at times where she thought he might be depressed but he had never been diagnosed with any type or mental illness," said Frasier.