Oregon first in US with official state microbe

Oregon first in US with official state microbe
Brewer's yeast

EUGENE, Ore. - Perhaps the Saccharomyces cerevisiae state motto needs an update: She brews with her own wings.

Oregon becomes the first state in the nation to designate an official state microbe with the governor signing House Concurrent Resolution 12 into law, formally recognizing brewer’s yeast as the state's microscopic standard bearer.

The recognition comes as lawmakers tried to find a way to recognize the state's brewing industry.

The Beaver State already had a state beverage - milk - so lawmakers came up with another way to honor Oregon-made alcohol.

“This bill recognizes the importance of brewer’s yeast to Oregon’s economy," said Rep. Mark Johnson, R-Hood River. "Craft beers, craft distilleries, wineries, and gourmet breads and cheeses all use yeast to make their products. HCR 12 is about celebrating products that Oregonians enjoy and are proud of, and that are providing great benefits to our state’s economy.”