'Love Food, Not Waste' turns trash into cash

'Love Food, Not Waste' turns trash into cash

EUGENE, Ore. -- A program started in Eugene has resulted in 3 million pounds of food avoiding the garbage can.

The City of Eugene's "Love Food, Not Waste" program started in Novemer 2011. The program itself is fairly simple: Leftover food doesn't get thrown out, it gets turned into compost.

Since its inception, the program has turned more than 3 million pounds of waste into compost.

That, along with having 115 businesses signed up to join in, has earned the program an excellence award from the Solid Waste Association of North America.

But the program isn't just about going green, it also helps businesses save some green.

Some businesses say the program has helped them save hundreds of dollars in waste management, but one local business says it means more to them than just dollars saved.

"One of these bins is usually full to the top every week, and that would otherwise be going into the trash," said the owner of the Daily Bagel, Srithip Sresthamphunlap.

Compost bags for the program are now available at Rexius, Market of Choice, and at 99 West Tenth in the city offices.