Kids learn rocket science at Crescent City Park

Kids learn rocket science at Crescent City Park »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. -- Rockets flew through the air at Crescent City Park on Sunday for a day of launching homemade rockets.

The Eugene Rocketry Club teamed up with the University of Oregon and SPICE (or the Science Program to Inspire Creativity and Excellence) to get children’s creations and aspirations sky-high.

Brandy Todd, director of SPICE, said the goal was to get kids and families to learn about the science behind rockets with hands-on experience.

“They're learning a little bit about propulsion and rocket science and stuff, but mostly they’re just watching things shoot into the air and having a lot of fun,” Todd said. “This is the sort of thing we try to do… get them really excited about something science related and then their interest propels them to learn more."

Richard Bremer is the vice president of Eugene Rocketry said their monthly rocket day falls on the third Sunday of every month (weather permitting).