County cancels Kaleidoscope contract but keeps options open for next year

County cancels Kaleidoscope contract but keeps options open for next year
At the Lane County Commission meeting Tuesday morning


EUGENE, Ore. - Lane County Commissioners voided the rest of the county's 3-year contract with Kaleidoscope Music Festival for Emerald Meadows but kept the door open for the event to return.

County staff had recommended cancelling the contract after numerous complaints about the music festival. The complaints constituted a breach of contract, county staff said.

But the county commission said Kaleidoscope to reapply next year to hold an event at Emerald Meadows. The Dirty Dash, Cascadia Music Festival and Faerieworlds can return to the venue.

First, the county wants a newly formed advisory committee to draw up new rules for the use of Emerald Meadows as soon as possible.

The county generates revenue for park maintenance from events held at Emerald Meadows, which is part of the Howard Buford Recreation Area that also contains Mount Pisgah.

Earlier report:

EUGENE, Ore. - Supporters of the Kaleidoscope Music Festival turned out for a Lane County Commission in hopes of continuing the event at Emerald Meadows, a new but controversial music venue on county land near Mount Pisgah.

The county parks department recommends the county establish a review committee for the venue that includes concert promoters, neighbors and other stakeholders. The parks department also recommended Emerald Meadows be subject to stricter noise restrictions.

Kaleidoscope had entered into a 3-year contract with the county to stage the event at Emerald Meadows.

After noise complaints at the inaugural event, however, a county manager recommended the county cancel the contract, citing a possible breach of contract.

A neighbor said music from the event literally rocked the walls of his home.

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