Hot & bothered: Near-record heat in nation's worst city for allergies

EUGENE, Ore. - Woe is we: Eugene remains the nation's worst city for allergy sufferers as near-record heat settles in across the region. ranked Eugene the worst in the U.S. for grass seed and pollen on Monday, July 1, 2013.

A day earlier, the mercury at the Eugene Airport tapped 96 F shortly after 3 p.m., tying a record high last seen in 1951.

The National Weather Service predicts high temperatures in the 90s through Wednesday, with the Fourth of July shaping up for the upper 80s.

This week's highs may fall short of record temperatures, however.

The record high for July 1 is 98, set in 1967. The forecast high is 93.

July 2 hit 98 in 1942. Forecasters see Tuesday as the hottest day this week, with a forecast high of 94.

And July 3 was 99 F back in 1970, a veritable disco inferno compared to this week's forecast high of 91.

Of course, the weather is about as predictable as, well, the weather: Watch the local forecast for the latest news as the first heat wave of summer continues.