Help available to navigate Cover Oregon process

Help available to navigate Cover Oregon process

EUGENE, Ore. - Cover Oregon is still working to process thousands of applications by hand.

But they are also trying to move forward with those already signed up.

Workshops are scheduled across the state over the next few weeks in order to prepare for January 1.

A spokesperson said they're working along side private insurance agencies and oregonians to ensure everyone has coverage.

"We want to do everything that we can to make sure that Oregonians can get health coverage," said Ariane Holm with Cover Oregon, "and we want to be a resource for them in navigating how they can get that coverage."

"I like that people are cared for," said Janhavi McKenzie, who registered with Cover Oregon. "That people don't have to worry, don't have to struggle, their basic needs are met. I think this is going in a good direction."

Anyone needs assistance with their Cover Oregon application or with questions the organization at 1-855-COVER-OR (268-3767) or online at