Government shutdown and you: How it hits Oregon

Government shutdown and you: How it hits Oregon »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. – Oregon’s National Parks and three Willamette Valley nature reserves closed Tuesday due to the federal government shut down.  

Local U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reserves like Ankeny, Baskett Slough, and William L. Finley have also closed their gates, preventing members of the public from entering.  

While National Forest and Bureau of Land Management Lands remain open to the public for activities like hunting, there are no services being offered.  

Ziller, however, says that the state has contingency plans for situations like this, although he admits if the shutdown continues, there could be issues.

He compared the first day of the shutdown to a federal holiday.

Social service programs in the area have not been affected yet, says Jason Davis of Lane County Health and Human Services, but if the furlough continues through October, problems may start. 

The most vulnerable services are those that require annual congressional budgetary approval; the majority of programs offered by Lane County Health and Human Services are funded by either long-term grants or don’t need annual renewal.  

“Most clients of Lane County services won’t see any sort of effect.  It is good for veterans to know that their benefit checks may be impacted if the shutdown continues through October 31,” Davis says.  

However, Davis says, veterans’ health care will be fine.