Government Shutdown: Roseburg brewery put on hold

Government Shutdown: Roseburg brewery put on hold »Play Video
DogBarrel Brewery is open, but really isn't a brewery just yet. The owner is waiting for the government to re-open and process his permit.

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- At the DogBarrel Brewery and Home Brew Supply store, the government shutdown is blocking a major portion of their business.

DogBarrel has been selling home brew supplies since January.

But for now, they can't claim to be a brewery. The problem: They need a brewery license.

Thomas Anderson, the owner & operator, says they need the government to approve their application. "Until we get our application submitted to the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau), we're not going to be able to become a brewery," he said.

Due to the shutdown, the bureau's online permit process is closed until further notice.

That leaves brewery applicants in limbo. "I was trying to finish it up and my goal was to try and get it in already, but I can't do anything yet," Anderson said.

He originally hoped the brewery would be running this past July.

As the shutdown continues, the brewery portion of DogBarrel now might not be up and running until next year.