Faculty union, UO still $6M apart on salaries

Faculty union, UO still $6M apart on salaries »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. — Professors and administrators at the University of Oregon are continuing talks on compensation as they create the first contract for teachers at the school.

The newly formed faculty union, United Academics, has proposed a $20 million increase to the current two-year budget for salaries. 

They believe this amount is necessary to retain the most effective teachers and keep the University of Oregon competitive with other top notch schools.

Administrators at the school agree that the pay of professors has needed to be raised for some time.  However, they are concerned that the school cannot afford to increase the budget by $20 million. 

“The university has a responsibility to live within its means,” said Tim Gleason, dean of the School of Journalism and Communications and an administration bargaining team member. 

Instead, administrators are willing to increase the current budget by $14 million. 

Yvonne Braun,  an associate professor and a union bargaining team member, said this figure is inadequate. 

“Faculty has largely not seen raises in 7 to 10 years, sometimes more, in certain cases,” Braun said. 

Despite differences in salary details, the administration and professors at the University of Oregon believe that they can reach an agreement.  They have several discussions scheduled through September 6. 

“Both the union and university are going to find a solution that will best serve the interests of our students and the rest of the University of Oregon community,” Gleason said.