Eugene company bottles water in 100% recycled materials

Eugene company bottles water in 100% recycled materials »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. - It may be an industry first.

Mike Scnear is the president of Emerald Valley H20 based in Eugene. His new brand EcoH20 is not just any regular plastic water bottle, it's made from 100 percent recycled materials.

Scnear claims the EcoH20 bottle leaves a 65 percent smaller carbon footprint than other plastic bottles.

"We're trying to do something different. We're doing it in a number of ways by the material were using, and by the design of our look."

EcoH20 water bottles are produced in Los Angeles and then shipped to Eugene.

"We're trying to break that stigma of it's a one-time drink and throw away," he said.

Scnear says he understands that one reusable water bottle is best for the environment, but says there is always a need for plastic water bottles.

"There's a convenience factor with bottled water, and people use it. So we're going to try to put something out there that is different and green."

But there will always be critics.

"The water bottle itself is an inherently wasteful product," said Julie Daniel, director of Bring Recycling.

She said producing recycled plastic water bottles creates a larger carbon footprint. "Using more water to wash contaminates, heating the plastics - it all takes more energy."

Daniel said the bottom line is to own one reusable water bottle.

"The answer is to get that reusable bottle and to not make that waste in the first place," she said. "No matter how much you recycle you cannot compare with not making the waste in the first place."