Eugene Emeralds fall 6-0 to Boise Hawks

Eugene Emeralds fall 6-0 to Boise Hawks
Boise Hawks Cael Brockmeyer (#45) looks on at home base umpire Randy Knuths does his signature jump in the air to indicate strike three. Dan Morrison, Oregon News Lab

EUGENE, Ore. - It seems a lot like déjà vu.

Much like the first half, the second half of the Northwest League season hasn’t started off in the Eugene Emeralds’ favor.

The Ems racked up another loss Tuesday night, falling to the Boise Hawks, 6-0.

Ems manager Jim Gabella said, “The season started today, and we didn’t come out the way we wanted to. That’s for sure.”

The first two innings were quite silent, though Ems starting pitcher Tayron Guerrero retired three batters in the top of the first. In the third inning, Guerrero left with an injury that Gabella referred to as a “little tightness in his forearm.”

Guerrero was replaced by Ems pitcher Michael Kelly.

In the top of the third, Hawks first baseman Jacob Rogers walked, bringing shortstop Carlos Penalver to home plate. Hawks center fielder Jacob Hannemann scored soon thereafter, from a passed ball by Ems’ catcher Miguel Del Castillo.

After the Ems failed to respond, Boise added two more runs to the scoreboard in the top of the fourth inning when Hawks second baseman/shortstop Daniel Lockhart singled on a line drive to Ems’ left fielder Malquiel Brito.

After yet another failed reply from the Ems, Hawks Rogers hit a homer in the top of the fifth, to put the score at 5-0.

The Hawks last score came from right fielder Yasiel Balaguert in the top of the seventh when Hawks catcher Lance Rymel went out on a sacrifice fly to Ems center fielder Henry Charles. Hawks Balaguert scored soon thereafter.

Gabella said, “We just have to get consistent. The game of baseball is consistency; whether it be a team winning games, or a player with his career moving up. Consistency is what makes everything go ‘round.”

Though the Ems kept their hits tied with the Hawks at 7 in last night’s game, they failed to capitalize on any runs for the night.

Said Gabella, “We got the same amount [of hits] as they did, but obviously they got their hits when they needed them. You’ve got to get timely hits to win and we didn’t do it. We didn’t do it today.”

“Every player needs to improve their skills. That’s one of our goals when we start the season.  We had team goals to try to win a championship and then we had player development goals for every player to develop his skills better. They’re doing that slowly. It doesn’t come overnight. It takes a while. They’re working hard and their getting better,” he added.

The loss puts the Emeralds at 13-26 for the season. The Hawks are now 22-17.

The Ems face the Boise Hawks again Wednesday night at PK Park in Eugene at 7:05 p.m.