Eugene cookbook sales benefit schools

Eugene cookbook sales benefit schools

EUGENE, Ore. - A group of friends has been getting together for years. They call themselves the College Hill Movie Group. 

While their main goal is to watch great films, the group also makes a delicious meal to accompany the movies.

“We get together about every 6 weeks and ostensibly we watch movies and talk about them but really, we get together and eat,” said Doctor Deb Dotters, one of the group members.

There’s no slouch when it comes to food. For years, the friends talked about making a cookbook full of recipes from their meals. About a year ago, they finally decided to stop talking about it and actually do it.

The College Hill Movie Group also decided that their culinary creations should be published alongside recipes from everyone who helps to make Eugene great.


The result: "Food for Thought: A Taste of Eugene," 200 pages of recipes for $15 plus $4 shipping and handling.

The recipe book features both mouthwatering masterpieces and tried and true family hand me downs from the likes of Mayor Kitty Piercy and Rep. Peter DeFazio.

Beyond being full of delicious dishes, the book is also an effort to give back.

 “All of us had kids who went through 4J and got a really good education,” said Dotters. “But now we’re seeing cut after cut after cut, class sizes are getting smaller and smaller. So we really realize that this is a huge need. And honestly if we don’t have good public schools as a community and as a society, we’re really in trouble.”

The group of friends underwrote the entire cost of the cookbooks, so every dime raised from the $15 cookbooks can go directly to the Eugene Education Foundation. After an original printing of 1500 the group got a huge response from the public.

“We’re nearly sold out,” said Dr. Dotters. “We’re just, we’ve been really gratified that people have been so responsive because it’s such a win-win.”

Dr. Dotters hopes to continue that trend. The group recently reordered more books. So far they’ve raised over $14,000. 

Dr. Dotters says they’ll raise nearly $30,000 if they can sell all of the recently ordered books.

Copies are available via the Eugene Education Foundation website or at Long's Meat Market, 83 E. 28th St. in the SouthTowne Shoppes, or Newman's Fish Company at 1545 Willamette Street.