City taps app to empower citizens

City taps app to empower citizens

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. - Hit a pothole? Got hit by graffiti?

There's an app for that.

The City of Cottage Grove recently released an app that'll make it easier for residents to relay their messages to city government.

The new app called "Cottage Grove" allows users share information or requests for service with the city - anonymously, if need be.

If you snap a photo of the pothole, graffiti or other problem, your phone tracks the location of where the photo was taken and sends it with the request you don't need to know the address.

"It makes it easy to report problems in your community," said Travis Palmer, executive director of the Cottage Grove Chamber of Commerce, "whereas things like graffiti, people don't know who to call or how to get rid of it."

The app also gives residents and visitors an alphabetical directory making it easy to find local businesses.