Bikes, soccer balls and drum beats at Bethel's Sunday Streets

Bikes, soccer balls and drum beats at Bethel's Sunday Streets »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. -- Eugene Sunday Streets rolled into the Bethel neighborhood this weekend, giving their community a chance to take to the streets for some end-of-summer fun.

Jessica McMullen said she’s been looking forward to her neighborhood hosting the rotating event.

“I put it on our calendar last year! Its really fun to see all these little kids out here playing,” said McMullen.

This weekend’s Streets had an overarching theme of “active”. Between the soccer camp, bike courses, and drum beats, Bethel lived up to it’s expectations.

organizers said the event is aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle. Josselyn St. Clair said she’s a fan because of all the fun activities.

"I play lots of sports. Soccer, baseball, t-ball, softball… it's really fun here!” said Josselyn. 

While there were plenty of sports being played in the nearby parks, Sheltercare was also there to make sure cyclists hit the roads safely. The non-profit handed out 150 bike helmets to people who came out to Eugene Sunday Streets.

"We deal with a lot of clients who have traumatic brain injuries, so we see the impact on those people's lives,” said Kelly Johnson, development associate for Sheltercare

Having been in an accident while biking herself, McMullen said she's happy that the group is promoting safety at the event.

“I love bicycles, and the only was to make it safer is to participate,” said McMullen.