'Achoo-gene' tops nation's list of worst cities for allergy sufferers

'Achoo-gene' tops nation's list of worst cities for allergy sufferers
According to this chart from Pollen.com, Western Oregon is the only place in the nation where allergy sufferers will see a high degree of symptoms.

EUGENE, Ore. -- Western Oregon is leading this year’s allergy season from the only region in the nation declared to have a "high" chance people will experience symptoms.

Eugene has topped the list of cities with the worst allergen ratings for the last five days.

The Eugene/Springfield area was listed Sunday at 9.9 on a 12 point scale of how likely pollen will affect allergy sufferers. Salem took second on Pollen.com's list of worst allergen cities with a rating of 9.7.

The website said it bases the 1-12 scale on how likely allergy sufferers will be exposed to pollen on a given day. Parts of the Western Oregon region are expected to hover at just under 10 on the allergen scale through most of the week. 

The central and southern Willamette Valley region is notorious for having a high grass pollen count because of Linn County, which has been dubbed the grass seed capital of the world.

Dr. Jason Friesen with Oregon Allergy Associates said tree pollen season also lasts into July.

To treat seasonal allergies, Dr. Friesen said there are “over the counter medicines you can try, antihistamines are a good place to start.

For more serious symptoms, he suggests seeing your doctor or allergist for a prescription. Dr. Friesen said, "Immunotherapy is a series of shots to make you not allergic to whatever you're allergic to.”