911 service down in Dexter thanks to copper thieves

DEXTER, Ore. -- Copper cable thieves are responsible for a phone and internet outage in the Dexter area, according to CenturyLink.

The company says a cable was cut and stolen, and it is affecting 911 services, telephone and internet connections at this time.

Residents are encouraged to drive to their local fire station in Dexter if they have an emergency, or use their cell phones to call 911, as cell service is not affected.

CenturyLink crews are on site and working hard to restore services. 

“Stealing cable puts entire communities at risk by impacting communications with emergency medical services, fire and police,” said Jason Johannesen, area operations manager for CenturyLink in Eugene.

CenturyLink reminds the community that legitimate technicians will drive vehicles that display a company logo and wear CenturyLink (or another company’s) clothing. If CenturyLink employees are doing roadside work, community members will see the typical safety equipment such as orange vests and hard hats. In addition, there will be flaggers if the road is blocked, plus orange cones and traffic signage.

“If you see individuals working on telephone wires without this equipment, especially at odd hours, call 911 immediately,” Johannesen said. “By keeping a watchful eye, we can protect our community and prevent cable theft.