Busy roadwork season for Eugene

Busy roadwork season for Eugene
Over the next several months, 17 major street repair projects are scheduled around the city. The work carries an estimated price tag of $9.5 million.

EUGENE, Ore. - Work began this week on the sidewalks in Goodpasture Loop, the first of many road, park and bike path projects on the agenda for the City of Eugene in 2014.

Over the next several months, 17 major street repair projects are scheduled around the city. The work carries an estimated price tag of $9.5 million.
Another 20 residential street segments will receive slurry seal treatments.

The primary sources of funding for the street repair projects are the bond measure to fix streets approved by Eugene voters in 2012 and Eugene's local gas tax.

In addition to road work, a variety of bond-funded pedestrian and bicycle improvements will be constructed. Work will continue on the Amazon Creek stabilization project between Chambers and Arthur streets, and renovations are planned at Amazon Park and Spencer Butte Summit Trail.

2014 road projects

1st Avenue (Washington - Van Buren)
13th Avenue (Bertelsen - Commerce)
13th Avenue (Washington to Garfield)
43rd Avenue (North Shasta - Dillard)
46th Avenue (Donald - Willamette)
Broadway (Mill - Pearl)
Coburg Road (Ferry Street Bridge – 50 feet southof EWEB off-ramp)
Donald Street (46th - Fox Hollow)
Firland (Spring - Agate)
Goodpasture Loop Road
Interior Street (north end of cul-de-sac – south end of improved section)
Madison Street (1st - 8th)
Marshall (Hughes - Echo Hollow)
Monroe Street (1st - Blair)
Olive Street (11th - 13th)
Roosevelt Boulevard (Danebo - Terry)
Shasta Loop (Spring Boulevard- 43rd)

Pedestrian-Bicycle Projects

2014 PBM Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements
Safe Routes to School
South Bank Path (Knickerbocker Bridge - Franklin)

Park Projects

Amazon Park Renovation
Spencer Butte Summit Trail Renovation

Stormwater/Natural Area Projects
Amazon Creek Stabilization Project
Coyote Prairie Swale Restoration
Drywell elimination (Anderson Area)
Various Stormwater Repairs
Water Quality Facilities, Willamette River Basin, A-3 Basin
Hatton Avenue stormwater extension
Amazon Creek Rehabiltation (24th to Fairgrounds; study phase)

Coming up in 2015

8th Ave. (Lincoln - Monroe)
15th Ave. (Fairmount - Agate)
17th Ave. (Fairmount - Agate)
18th Ave. (Josh - Bertelsen)
19th Ave. (Fillmore - Chambers)
22nd Ave. (Fillmore - Chambers)
22nd Ave. (Friendly - Polk)
25th Ave. (Hawkins - Brittany)
39th Ave. (Willamette - 100' east of Densmore)
40th Ave. (Hilyard - Donald)
Avalon St. (Echo Hollow - Juhl)
Brae Burn St. (39th - Willamette)
Cascade Dr. (Avalon - Juhl)
City View St. (28th - 29th)
Division Ave (River Rd - Beltline)
Donald St. (32nd - 40th)
Elizabeth St. (Knoop - Royal)
Fillmore St. (19th - 24th)
Friendly St. (24th - 28th)
Garden Way (Harlow - 110' south of Sisters Ave)
Juhl St (NS Addr 1424 - south end)
Knoop Ave. (Echo Hollow - Elizabeth)
Mahlon Ave. (Garden Way - Honeysuckle)
Timberline Dr. (Warren - Wintercreek)
Valley River Way (Valley River Dr - south side of cul-de-sac)
Willakenzie Rd. (Coburg - Bogart)

To get more details about Eugene projects planned for 2014, visit www.eugene-or.gov/pwprojects.

For regional traffic updates, including LTD's west Eugene EmX project as well as projects by ODOT, Lane County, Eugene and Springfield, go to www.keepusmoving.info.