Police: Refused service at pizza joint, duo tries to set it on fire

EUGENE, Ore. - Refused service at a pizza joint for being visibly intoxicated Monday, a duo later broke in and tried to set the building on fire with a moonshine Molotov cocktail as employees hid in the basement, Eugene Police said.

Matthew Curtis Bossard, 32, and Leticia K. Kagele, 36, face charges of arson and burglary, police said.

The incident happened late Monday night when employees at Whirled Pies pizza on Monroe Street refused service to a visibly intoxicated Bossard and Kagele, police said.

Employees locked the door after the two left, then called 911 as Bossard started pounding on the front door, police said.

Before police arrived, Bossard broke the glass out of the front door and forced his way into the building, police said.

As the employees hid in the basement, they could hear the suspects in the restaurant above, police said.

Police said the suspects used a curtain from the broken window to fashion a wick to ignite some homemade "moonshine" in an attempt to set the building on fire.

Officers arrived and arrested Bossard and Kagele.