What if the power goes out?

EWEB (Eugene Water & Electric Board) >>> http://www.eweb.org/outage

Call 844-484-2300 to report an outage; request status updates; and ask to be called when your power is restored.

Customers can also text "OUT" to TXEWEB (893932) to report an outage.

Text "STAT" to TXEWEB to receive status updates on your outage.

SUB (Springfield Utility Board) >>> http://www.subutil.com/electric_service/outages_&_power_problems/power_outages

Call SUB at 541-726-2395, any time of the day or night, to report an outage.

LANE ELECTRIC CO-OP POWER OUTAGES >>> http://www.laneelectric.com/outages/

Call Lane Electric @ (541) 484-1151. Telephone lines are answered 24-hours a day; if the lines are busy, please try back later.


EPUD POWER OUTAGE >>> http://www.epud.org/myHome/outage.aspx

Call 541-746-1583 anytime day or night, to report a power outage.


PACIFIC POWER >>> www.pacificpower.net/outage

After first checking your own breaker or fuse box to make sure the outage is not restricted to your residence, customers should report a power outage toll free at 1-877-508-5088.