Back on the beat, party patrol busts 23 people

EUGENE, Ore. -- Eugene Police cited or arrested 23 people Friday night as they resumed their efforts to quell party infractions on the first weekend since many students returned to campus for classes.

Officials said that 14 of those cited or arrested Friday night were University of Oregon students.

Citing the success of last year's party patrol in the neighborhoods around the University of Oregon, Sergeant Kyle Williams added that they plan on continuing the patrols though the school year.

Below are a list of the charges and citations issued.

  • 8 Open Container  (5 UofO students)
  • 6   Minor in Possession  (3 UofO students)
  • 6   Prohibited Noise  (6 UofO students)
  • 1 False Information to Police (0 UofO Students)
  • 1 Poss. Less than 1 oz marijuana (0 UofO students)
  • 1 Poss. MDMA (Ecstasy) (UofO Student)
  • 1 Non-Criminal Hold (UofO Student)


FROM Eugene Police: The teams patrolled in the West and South University area, while regular calls for service were maintained throughout the city. The night’s activities were designed to prevent and respond proactively to potential alcohol and party-related problems that in the past have been associated with partying, which historically increase during the fall.