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Mattress Mania
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Welcome To Mattress Mania! The only place in Eugene, Springfield and Corvallis to "SAVE LIKE CRAZY!" on Mattresses & Futons!

Come in today and check out our vast selection of Memory Foam, Latex, Cool Gel and Adjustable Base solutions for your desired Sleep Preferences! Besides Mattresses, Mattress Mania has a good selection of Futons. We can order Furniture from multiple companies. Mattress Mania also has the best selection of Mattress Protectors and Pillows to help enhance your sleep.

Check out our Community Link at the top of the page. You will see all of the previous events Matty has been to, along with our Event Calendar to see where we are going all over Eugene, Springfield and the Corvallis area. We always have money saving coupons and giveaways for all of our loyal friends and family.

We have many Eugene and Springfield customers and the surrounding area including the Corvallis area.

Here are some of the things that we do at Mattress Mania to make sure that you are happy with your purchase for many years to come. . .

  1. We will not: only show you the most expensive beds in the store.
  2. We will: take as much time as you need to help educate and inform you, no matter what your budget may be.
  3. We have a simple process that pinpoints the best mattress technology for you, very quickly. It’s then simply up to you to decide!
  4. We work with you, in an upfront way that respects your needs, wants, and your budget.
  5. We take time to explain to you the differences in bed technology and how the different forms of construction can benefit different people.

Quite simply, we make sure that you have the ability to make an informed decision without the fear of making a wrong decision! You may also choose to take advantage of our 100 Night Comfort Guarantee!

Give Mattress Mania the opportunity to show you why we are the mattress store of choice in Eugene, Springfield and Corvallis! You deserve exceptional customer service and you will “Save Like Crazy!”