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Lane County Waste Management

3100 E 17th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97403
Phone: (541) 682-4120
Email: wastemgmt@co.lane.or.us
Website: lanecounty.org/recycle

Lane County's 61.5% recovery rate is thanks to citizens like you who take the time to reduce waste, reuse, and separate recycling for proper disposal.

Lane County Waste Management is proud to provide Lane County residents with sixteen disposal sites that offer full recycling options along with garbage disposal.

Waste Prevention, Recycling and Alternative Disposal The Lane County Public Works Waste Management Division, in compliance with state recycling laws, emphasizes Reduce and Reuse in order to divert waste from Short Mountain Landfill by offering a wide variety of services:

Lane County's 61.5% recovery rate is thanks to citizens like you who take the time to separate recycling and dispose of all items properly. Thank you!

Now you can do more – Repair2Reuse!

Recycling is great, but reducing, repairing and reusing saves more natural resources and avoids more pollution. Most important though, the money you spend stays local in our community and your favorite items stay with you!

Check out Repair2Reuse.org to find local repair services for everything from afghans to zippers, from appliances to zoom lenses.

Every corner of Lane County has well-used and well-loved thrift stores and we all know that shopping first at second hand shops and garage sales always saves money, supports the local economy and always helps the environment. Exception: buying a new appliance - refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc. - is usually better than reused because of the better energy and water conservation new technology achieves.

And if you've found that reuse is so popular that local reuse centers are overflowing with quality goods. If your offer to donate or drop off is refused, check out the ideas offered at Lane County's alternative reuse page.

Get creative!

Exploring creative options for reuse builds brain cells, provides opportunity to spend quality time together with family and/or friends and can save money too.

Check out MECCA - the Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts - for supplies, ideas and art space too.

  • Personalize the perfect thrift store find for wonderful zero-waste gifts
  • Set up a worm box or compost bin to turn food scraps into great gardens
  • Use reusable washable place settings and cloth napkins instead of throw-away plastic and paper for your next picnic or party
  • Re-purpose, re-label and/or decorate common packaging - like boxes, bottles and tubs - to be vases, storage systems and gift-y things

Put Unused Electronics Back to Work

Of course, don't forget to shop at electronic reuse stores FIRST when you need something.

Have you looked in that drawer or closet lately? Chances are you have many unused personal electronics, cords and parts still sitting around since the latest upgrade.

Those items still have life in them but the longer they sit, the more likely they will have to be recycled rather than refurbished. Don't delay. Donate unwanted electronics right away.* Put these valuable items back into action serving our local community through job and other services offered by non-profit thrift stores.

*with full knowledge and permission of the owner, of course

Please note Lane County transfer sites observe all major national holidays, with early closing on Christmas Eve.