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Karhouse Auto Finance

Karhouse Auto Finance

825 River Avenue
Eugene, OR 97404
Phone: (541) 654-5379
Email: ed@karhouse.net
Website: karhouse.net

Do you need a great used car? Our customer service is top notch and every vehicle that we sell receives a quality pre-owned vehicle inspection from certified trained technicians. We have relationships with all of the local credit unions to help set up financing. In addition, we also have great relationships with banks and credit unions all over the state including Southern Oregon, South Coast, Bend/Redmond and the Portland/Salem area.

Today's economy has left so many behind financially, making it very difficult to get a quality pre-owned vehicle with payments that make sense. If this is your situation, don’t hang your head because at Karhouse Auto Finance we know that you are much more than your credit score. We are in the business of serving people, NOT credit files. Let's get started rebuilding your credit today. Buying a used car and securing an auto loan is one of the best ways possible.

Have you been turned down for an auto loan because of a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptc7? Then you have come to the right place in your search for a used car. Karhouse Auto Finance has a special relationship with local lenders that work with us to help rebuild your credit.

If you are shopping at in-house financing dealers or buy-here-pay-here dealers but they have turned you away for tax liens, wage garnishment, child support or foreclosure then Karhouse Auto Finance is the right place to findyour quality used car. Karhouse Auto Finance deals with local lenders that have the ability to approve you no matter what the situation. We also do in-house financing and buy-here-pay-here as well!

At Karhouse Auto Finance we understand that sometimes when you are shopping for a car, transportation to our location can be tough. That is why we spend a lot of time making arrangements over the phone. Our store is dedicated to serving all of Oregon and Southwest Washington, so whether you live in Medford, Grants Pass, or in Coos Bay or Bend, as well as all of Eastern Oregon, we can help. If you are in Portland, Salem or even right here in Eugene, we won't let distance stand between you and the car you deserve.

So call us today!

Hours of Operation:

Sun 10am-7pm, Mon-Sat 9am-8pm