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Art Work Dental

Art Work Dental

1045 Willagillespie Road
Eugene, OR
Phone: (541) 747-8272
Website: artworkdental.com

There is nothing more inspiring than watching a patient look in the mirror for the first time with their new smile, and seeing the pure look of absolute amazement on their face.

Welcome to ArtWork Dental. Our office is a state of the art facility with the utmost care you can trust. We are continually offering the newest, up to date equipment and materials. We utilize the most advanced sterilization equipment and techniques available. ArtWork Dental has made sure to use the most efficient filtration systems that protect our environment from mercury and other heavy metals.

In addition, we will never place a material in your body that we would not have in our own. We don’t use amalgam fillings or any other substance that could compromise your health in any way.

Dr. Brian Work is an exceptional dentist with refined clinical artistry and an enjoyable personality and we can assure our patients the ultimate in quality care. Dr. Work continues to refine his clinical training through studies with Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dentistry, doctors of conscious sedation where he specializes in cosmetic and sedation dentistry. Our office exclusively uses tooth-colored fillings, porcelain crowns, implant crowns and veneers.

Comprehensive family dental care is also something we are proud to share with you. Our well-trained dental hygienists perform dental cleanings for the entire family. We have prompt emergency care and follow up. And most importantly is the compassionate care that you and your family will receive at ArtWork Dental.

Our Mission:

  • We will always endeavor to provide the highest quality and finest service of any dental or professional office in the Northwest.
  • We will always remain current and up to date in clinical and technological aspects, and will, in fact, try to stay ahead of all other dental offices in care, skill, technology, and judgment.
  • We will use empathy, compassion and fairness in our relationships with our clients both professionally and personally.
  • We will inspire, educate and motivate our clients to accept only the highest standards of oral care at all times.

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Wed 8am-5pm, Thr 7am-12pm