Who Let The Dogs Out Dance Party

Who Let The Dogs Out Dance Party

August 10 12:00 PM Bare Bones, Mazzi's & Old Pad parking lot, 3365 E Amazon Dr., Eugene
Join East Amazon merchants to celebrate summer with an afternoon of dance performances and music. The “Who Let the Dogs Out?” dance party will feature dance routines by: Happy Feet Dancers, U of O Dance Team, Flex Studios, Senior Moments, Ida Dance, Broadway Review Burlesque Troupe, and the Salsaeros Dance Company. Music provided by Rick Smith.

The dance party is sponsored by Bare Bones Dog Wash, The Old Pad, Hideaway Bakery, Mazzi’s and State Farm Insurance and will include a raffle, silent auction and games. Proceeds from the raffle and the auction will be donated to Pro-Bone-O, an organization whose mission is to provide vet care for the pets of Lane County’s homeless population.

There will be special performances from Oregon Dog Sports and The Dancing Dogs of Eugene. A donation of $2 or a can or bag of cat or dog food is requested at the door.

Greenhill will be joining us. Their adoption specialists will be ready to help you find the perfect match for your family and your lifestyle.

Bring your dog! During the dance party, Bare Bones Dog Wash will donate part of its receipts from the self-service dog washes to Pro-Bone-O.

The dance party kicks off on Sunday, August 10th at noon and will go until 6pm. It takes place at Bare Bones Dog Wash’s parking lot, between Mazzi’s and The Old Pad at 3365 East Amazon.
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