Van Gogh on Demand: Valorizing the Copy in the Age of China

April 17 6:00 PM Lawrence Hall, University of Oregon, Room 177 Website
The 10th Annual Art History Student Symposium, "Re-Producing the Original: The Copy’s Role in the History of Art" begins with the keynote speaker, Winnie Wong, a historian of modern and contemporary art and visual culture, with a special interest in fakes, forgeries, frauds, copies, counterfeits, addresses issues of authenticity and authorship in an art world that is more inundated with non-art than ever before. Her research is based in the southern Chinese cities of Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and her writing engages with Chinese and Western aesthetics, intellectual property law, and popular culture. She holds a PhD in the history and theory of art from the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT, and was a Junior fellow of the Society of Fellows at Harvard University. She recently joined the faculty of the Rhetoric department at the University of California, Berkeley. Reception to follow.
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