April 26 7:30 PM 3912 Dillard Road (39th & Hilyard), Eugene Website
Saturday, April 26 at 7:30PM. Premier. American Voices: ...a Walt Whitman perspective. Reader: Walter Simon, vocals Martha Iuster. Inspired from the Leaves of Grass, given a contemporary twist. UNITY OF THE VALLEY, 3912 Dillard (39th & Hilyard) Eugene.

Donations accepted.

What do you hear America singing? Add your voice: walterthepoet.com

This is an original work, authored and preformed by Walter Simon, retired broadcaster and international media wonk, published locally as the Geezer Teaser in the Springfield Times.

The premier performance includes musical interludes by singer Martha Iuster, part of a musical-duo known as Martha ^ Walter on the senior circuit.

As for motivation and inspiration an idea developed three years ago that considered the USA in the middle of a cultural civil war; and the melting pot was boiling, and needed the heat turned down. Seemed like a call to action.

Understanding Whitman's nature and spirit, a free verse poet who lived through the Civil War, Simon starting digging for meaning with focus on the Leaves of Greass adn a script matured. A casual establishment tour is scheduled in May, 2014 to test the material from Philadelphia to Maine, reaching for contemporary songs, as an American voice. No politics; only poetry!

walterthepoet.com is set up to collect notes along the way, offering strong encouragement for e-contributors. When asked about motive for the tour Simon explained: "I've done many public readings throughout North America, given access to poetry venues". "I's the last hurrah for a weary traveler dancing in and out of step with a divided America."
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