Training Your Pet

About KMTR TV Break the chain Break the chain
Using positive methods are not only kinder and gentler, but are also scientifically proven the most effective means of training your dog than using correction training.
About KMTR TV Body Language Body Language
Dogs communicate with one another using their bodies, vocalizations and some marking behaviors. There will be some variance based on individual dogs and breed characteristics, and it is important to observe the whole dog. Seek professional help if you are not sure about a behavior your dog is exhibiting.
About KMTR TV Behavior Wellness Assessment
How you raise, train, and socialize your dog, and how well you meet her behavioral needs all have a huge impact on her behavioral health. All dogs, regardless of breed, have the potential to be behaviorally healthy.
About KMTR TV What does Alpha mean? What does Alpha mean?
As I write, I am reminded of a client who called me a while back because her dog was being aggressive towards people coming to her house. The dog was a fearful, medium sized (70 lb) Chesapeake Retriever who would lunge and bark at anyone entering the house.
About KMTR TV Ten Rules to Great Leadership with Your Dog or Puppy Ten Rules to Great Leadership with Your Dog or Puppy
Leadership, in short, is the ability to guide, direct or influence. Nowhere in the definition does it say "dominate," intimidate, or control, and yet over the years many dog trainers skewed and twisted the definition so out of shape a contortionist would be hard pressed to keep up.
About KMTR TV Positive Training Principles and Tips Positive Training Principles and Tips
Keep an upbeat attitude when training. Don’t train when you’re cranky! End each training session on a successful note. Did your dog do seven good sits, with the last one being really great? End the session there. Once a new behavior has been learned, incorporate it into your daily routine.
About KMTR TV Let Jumping Dogs Lie, (Or Sit!) Let Jumping Dogs Lie, (Or Sit!)
You may have wondered from time to time if your dog is part kangaroo the way he jumps up and down to greet you or horrified guests. And despite all your efforts to stop the jumping, your dog continues to accost your friends and family at the front door, all the while embarrassing you as you try to explain, "He's just being friendly."