Answered Pet Questions

About KMTR TV The Digging Dog The Digging Dog
I own a 1 year old female Lab/German Sheperd mix dog. She is an excellent dog but she digs in my garden. We have tried everything. We even put up a fence around the garden but she jumped it and dug a big hole! I don't know what to do! Any ideas? Thanks!
About KMTR TV Hyperactive Dog Hyperactive Dog
I have a Maltese dog who is very hyperactive. I take him for walks, but he seems to be bored & stares at me all the time to entertain him. Fortunately for him, we are retired, he has a huge yard, but prefers to be inside. He is just over 1 yr old, 10 lbs. Doesn't have an appetite- eats half a handful of food. We have no family, so it is just me mostly taking care of Buddy the bored Maltese. Any suggestions on how to wear him out and get him to eat more? The Vet said he is healthy & not to worry.
About KMTR TV Kitty Cookies
How do you keep a puppy from eating cat manure? We live in the country and we have cats and we have a new puppy. The cats are mostly outdoors and potty outside. The puppy gets turned out to potty and run and play and sometimes he will eat cat manure. What can I do?
About KMTR TV Question about Flea Treatments
Our Corgi is biting himself bad, because of the fleas, and wont let us treat him. I tried spraying him with cortisone/aloe, but he wont let me do that either.
About KMTR TV Younger Cat jumping on Older Cat
We have a 6 month old male manx (we've had him since he was 8 weeks and is recently fixed). The problem is he does this "bear jump" (jumps up like a jack rabbit) towards our 8 year old cat (which she HATES). How can I make him stop bear jumping and how can I make the older cat tolerate the younger cat?
About KMTR TV House Training
How do I get my 2 year old beagle to stop peeing in the house, he thinks outside is for play.
About KMTR TV Feline Upper Respiratory Infection
Our cat is pregnant and due in about a week?? She has been sneezing for a few days and today she had yellow discharge from her nose and feels feverish. We are both out of work and can't afford a vet, but don't want to lose our pet either. Can you recommend a course of action or a vet that is inexpensive?
About KMTR TV New cat smelling previous cat's odors New cat smelling previous cat's odors
After losing my geriatric cat two years ago, I'm finally getting a new female kitten next weekend. My old male cat became incontinent and urinated and defecated on my hardwood floors. I've used bleach water and Nature's Miracle to remove the odor and can't smell anything. (The stains are still there.)

Signs of a Good Trainer

  • Loves the animals that he/she trains, and is passionate about learning more about them.
  • Uses humane, positive training techniques based on the most recent research and studies on how animals learn.
  • Understands that every dog is different, what works best for one might not work best for another.
  • Treats their students and the animals they train with respect and kindness.
  • Has many training tools in his/her toolbox, and uses them accordingly.
  • Understands that you never stop learning new things and keeps up to date by attending seminars, workshops and conferences as often as possible.
  • Understands animal behavior and has a strong successful background using it to effectively modify behavior.
  • Keeps an open mind.
  • Has a strong sense of ethics, and does not misrepresent herself/himself with misleading titles and/or credentials.
  • Understands that anger and abuse have no place in dog training.
  • Has good teaching and handling skills.
  • Enjoys training both dogs and people.