Carley Gomez

Weekend Sports Reporter

Carly Gomez
Carley Gomez
Weekend Sports Reporter
Carley Gomez joins KMTR News Source 16 as a weekend sports reporter and evening news producer. She comes to Eugene from Orange County, California where she attended California State University, Fullerton. Carley received her bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism and minored in radio/tv/film.

She got her start working behind the scenes for FOX News Channel’s Los Angeles Bureau where she worked on various projects including: The Sean Hannity Show, the Academy Awards Red Carpet Interviews, and The Grammy Awards Red Carpet Interviews. In college Carley hosted her own radio show and anchored at the University’s news station. She’s done freelance work for “Inside Texas Golf,” a program touring golf courses. Carley was the Line producer for a production company in Los Angeles working on the feature film “Noble Fir.”

Carley has had a passion for sports since she was a little girl rooting on the Los Angeles Angel’s and Denver Bronco’s. She spends most of her free time watching games and going to sporting events. Carley loves dogs, snowboarding, and trying new restaurants.

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